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A Letter from the President

WELCOME to the South Carolina Bluebird Society!  Our goal is to provide informative, factual, accurate, and educational information about our amazing Bluebirds ….  and other cavity-dwelling birds that we also protect.   We hope that you will utilize this site and strongly consider becoming a member of our Bluebird conservation organization.

SCBS provides a number of services, programs, and activities for our members and to anyone seeking ways to assist in Bluebird and wildlife conservation and protection.   A sampling includes:

  • Monthly member meetings to share ideas and our latest programs
  • Educational presentations to interested groups desiring to learn about our feathered friends
  • Assistance in establishing new Bluebird Trails
  • Nest box/trail monitor training on proper monitoring   and recording of nest box activity
  • Informative quarterly newsletter ( Nest Box News )
  • Bluebird Scholarship for Biology major
  • Affiliation with North America Bluebird Society ( NABS ) and resources
  • Community interaction/education, such as “Build a Nest Box” events for children
  • And more …….
  • Enjoy your visit to our site and please take a moment to look through all it has to offer.  Then, please join us as a member for education, enjoyment, and to take part in the good work of our South Carolina Bluebird Society.


Mike DeBruhl  

President, SCBS