SCBS Friends, I have sad news to share. Peg Debruhl, wife of  SCBS President Mike Debruhl, passed away suddenly Wednesday evening. We extend our condolences and heartfelt sympathy to Mike and his family. I'll share information regarding arrangements when available.

SCBS Members and Friends:

We are certainly all aware of the challenges currently being faced due to the Corona Virus.  That also impacts SCBS ..... particularly in light of our upcoming meeting our schedule of presentations and events ( attached).

Recognizing this, with the current turmoil and using a touch of old fashioned common sense and an abundance of appropriate caution all events/presentations, including Earth Day, are postponed through April.  Our April meeting is cancelled also.  

I apologize for the uncertainty, but I know that you are as concerned as we are about the health issues currently facing us all.  Stay well !

Yours for the bluebirds ......


Mike DeBruhl  

President, SCBS


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