Monthly meetings are postponed until further notice due to an increase in Covid and Variants.

SCBS Members and Friends:

Welcome to 2021 !!   I believe that we can say that 2020 was certainly an UNUSUAL year all around.

As you know, the pandemic impacted SCBS in 2020.  Using a touch of old-fashioned common sense and an abundance of appropriate caution for member safety, we canceled all of our educational presentations, monthly meetings, and any other programs and projects that required more than a couple of people getting together.

Thank goodness we were able to get outdoors and spend time on the Bluebird Trails.  This provided an often needed respite and produced a RECORD year.   From our 103 trails / 1,706 nest boxes we recorded fledging a total of 6,557 cavity dwellers – of which 5,218 were BLUEBIRDS! 

But, a caution - - we are not yet free from the ongoing challenges pertaining to the Corona Virus.  Even as we now begin scheduling our Covid Vaccinations ..... we must all remain vigilant and aware that we are not “out of the woods” yet.

Recognizing all this, we remain cautious and diligent and have not yet scheduled any presentations or set up any meetings going forward.  Be assured that we will keep you posted as the year progresses and we hope to get back on track ASAP. 

Once again, I apologize for the uncertainty, but know that you are also concerned about the health and safety issues currently facing us all.  Please stay well and safe during the 2021 nesting season.

Yours for the bluebirds ......


Mike DeBruhl 

President, SCBS


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