The SCBS is comprised of volunteers who generously donate their time, energy, and funds with no compensation.  One hundred percent of money donated is used to promote the welfare of our Bluebird friends.

South Carolina Bluebird Society is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and your contribution may be tax deductible. If you are 70 or older, you may be able to make a Qualified Charitable Contribution directly from an IRA account. Check with your financial institution to see if you qualify.

There are 3 different methods of donating.

  1. Print the Donation Form, complete the information requested, make your check payable to SCBS, and then mail the form and your check to SCBS, P.O. Box 5151, Aiken, SC 29804
  2. Donate online with PayPal or credit card using the form below.
  3. If you are making a Qualified Charitable Contribution from your IRA, Print the donation form and complete the information. Request your financial institution to issue a check payable to SCBS.  Have them enclose the completed form and mail it to SCBS, P.O. Box 5151, Aiken, SC 29804
  4. If you have any questions or need assistance contact David Slaunwhite, Ph.D, Treasurer, SCBS,, 858-926-8793