The Simple Approach

There is a great deal of information about Bluebirds on our website and you might be overwhelmed when you just wanted to put a Nestbox in your yard and enjoy the Bluebirds.

Here is a shortcut in 5 simple steps to install your nestbox:

  1. Buy an SCBS-approved nestbox, pole, and predator baffle. (5 minutes-1 time) (See Resources/Purchase a Nestbox)
  2. Install your Bluebird nestbox setup. (20 minutes-1 time) (see Bluebird Facts/Suitable Location)
  3. Monitor your box weekly during nesting season, February-August (5 minutes-16 weeks) (See Bluebird Facts/Monitor Nest)
  4. Remove the nesting material after each brood fledges. Fledging is the term used to describe the nestlings leaving the nestbox for the first/only time, never to return.  (See Bluebird Facts/Nest Removal).
  5. Enjoy watching your Bluebirds. (365 days per year in the Southeast)

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